Look What the rich Illinois Profs Make In Retirement

Is there anything more depressing than this list of the highest-paid former state workers in Illinois? Look how many of them worked for the college industrial complex. There are hundreds of former professors, deans and whatnot making $200,000+++++ a year, and they’re not doing anything. They’re retired and they’re clearing a hefty amount. I’m so sad.

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More Fake Publications Rock Academia

If you need another reason to question why we pour so much money into the academic idea machine, look at this piece by Elizabeth Segran at Fast Company about a smart researcher at Harvard who decided to punk all of the new journals who kept asking him for submissions. The professor named Mark Shrimes ,sent them a piece called, “Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs?” and 17 of the journals quickly accepted it. Why? Well, they asked for $500 for “processing”. Who cares if the article is any good. The academic industrial complex just sails on, oblivious to the trouble it leaves in its wake.

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Miriam Weeks is not alone

I guess we have grown far too jaded now, either that we now believe that submitting to the College Industrial Complex is the highest morality and any measures to do it are justified. Perhaps I am the only father in the country who is disquieted by the fact that more and more of our daughters are working their way through College on their backs.

“Where the Sugar Babies Are” by Terrance F. Ross at TheAtlantic.Com on Jan 15 2015

In recent years the rising cost of student debt has given birth to an odd phenomenon: a population of ostensibly generous older men who appear poised to solve the higher-education crisis, one student at a time. Once a relatively underground subculture, this benevolent group of men is coming to the rescue across the country, essentially volunteering to subsidize the students’ tuition costs. But that description could be, shall I say, sugarcoating it.

Yes, these men are ponying up their money—plus more—for financially struggling students. However, it’s not free money, and it’s not all students. In other words, these benefactors typically expect some compensation from their beneficiaries—students who generally tend to be women willing to accept the help from the men in exchange for providing some tender loving care. And, at least, flaunting their good looks.

“Sugar daddies”—the official moniker granted to these wealthy men—and the microcosm they occupy aren’t anything new, but they’ve become more mainstream in recent years. That they’ve emerged as a noteworthy group during America’s student-debt crisis is indicative of their growing prevalence—as well as that of “sugar babies,” the ones entrenched in that crisis. And the subculture—”daddies” and “babies” alike—appears to be expanding rapidly. 2014 saw a huge spike in sugar babies nationwide, especially in the southern states, according to new data from SeekingArrangement, a site where “babies” and “daddies” sign up and connect.

* * *

Still, in terms of sheer numbers, it was a private school—New York University, which this year charges $46,170 a student for tuition and fees—that this year became the first college ever to cross the “1000 sugar babies” threshold. After all, the cost of living in New York City is arguably higher than it is in any other U.S. city—an even-harder reality for a financially strapped college student.

Uber’s driver-partners are highly educated. Very educated.

“Uber’s driver-partners are highly educated. Nearly half of Uber’s driver-partners (48 percent)
have a college degree or higher, considerably higher than the corresponding percentage for taxi
drivers and chauffeurs (18 percent), and above that for the workforce as a whole as well (41
percent). Only 12 percent of Uber’s driver-partners have a high school degree or less, whereas
over half (52 percent) of taxi drivers and chauffeurs have a high school degree or less. Seven
percent of Uber’s driver-partners are currently enrolled in school, mostly taking classes toward a
four-year college degree or higher. ”

From a paper by Jonathan Hall and Alan Krueger.

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Million Dollar Babies

Do you want to know why tuition continues to soar? Do you want know why the Colleges are always bleating “feed me” like the carnivorous plants in the Little Shop of Horrors?

WASHINGTON (AP) — Three dozen college presidents at private colleges and universities made more than $1 million in 2012 … according to a survey of the 500 private schools with the largest endowments.  [by the Chronicle of Higher Education]

The Chronicle finds the median compensation for private college presidents was a little less than $400,000. That’s an increase of 2.5 percent from a year earlier. …

Many presidents who are members of religious orders earned no compensation at Roman Catholic institutions.

‘Nuff said. OK?

See some reporting by Sandhya Kambhampati at the Chronice of Higher Edumacation. 

Let’s Hire Strippers To Lure Men to Go to College!

A juicy tidbit from Chris Moran’s reporting at the Consumerist:

“FastTrain employed female exotic dancers as admissions representatives… to lure young male students,” reads the complaint, which says that admissions directors then “encouraged them to dress provocatively while they recruited young men in neighborhoods to attend FastTrain.”

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Another Drop-Out, Another Captain of Industry

Who is called “Mr. Television” because everyone in Hollywood wants his approval? Cecila Kang at the Washington Post dubs Ted Sarados of Netflix with the title because he’s the big decision maker in Hollywood, the one who decides what Netflix will buy. Why do I mention it? Kang writes:

He enrolled in the local community college and worked at the school newspaper. But he spent more of his time writing about movies and TV than studying and eventually dropped out because of poor grades.

A community college drop out. Take that Ivy League grads with your screenplays in search of a home. Take that Harvard Lampoon leaders. Your life will be decided by a community college drop out.

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