Paul Krugman Studies Income Inequality First Hand

Jacob Donnelly at the Daily Princeton reports on the departure of their dear Nobel Prize winning common tater, Paul Krugman. He’s announced plans to leave the Ivy League and head to CUNY, the land of the true people. (Even if the poor in Manhattan aren’t really poor anywhere else.)

Why is Krugman going? The article speculates that CUNY is filled with like-minded people studying income-inequality. Apparently Krugman relies on their research often in his column. (Who has time to do their own.)

What will Krugman be paid? It looks like $225k for a seminar and some public appearances. How much does the average CUNY prof make? $90k. That’s a FULL Professor, btw.

In other words, Krugman will be studying income inequality while creating it. Let’s not call it a conflict of interest. Let’s just say he’s immersing himself in his work.

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