Washington Post Asks What Crisis? It’s Not a Crisis.

That would be the same Washington Post that’s financially entwined with Kaplan. Is the spin off to Bezos done yet? I’m not sure if the books are officially separated, but the newspaper is still running columns that would make the Kaplan folks happy.

Donald Heller, dean of the college of education at Michigan State, seems to think that the trillion dollars of collective debt is no big deal.

My favorite:

Rather than the hysteria about student loans, and ominous warnings of a “student loan bubble” (echoing the housing bubble which helped contribute to the current recession), the media would be better off focusing on how responsible borrowing can allow students to attend college who otherwise would not be able to afford it, and in particular, afford to enroll in a four-year institution.

In other words: there are customers out there who haven’t been sucked into our web yet. The media should help us recruit them and figure out a way to suck some money out of them, their parents or the government. Yeah. Forget about the debt bubble. Let’s make it bigger!

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