Let’s Game the Graduation Stats

Carrie Wells at the Baltimore Sun brings us a happy story about how some schools are deferring admission for some students. They let them in, but it’s with a caveat: they must start in spring and they must attend a community college in the fall.

This is often a gift for the students in several ways. First, it gives them time to adjust to college in a less stressful environment. Second, it allows them to attend a school that wouldn’t normally admit them.

But who am I kidding? The reasons the schools like the game is buried in the piece. The government only tracks the graduation rates of students who start in the fall. Those that start in the spring don’t affect that graduation rate, a number that’s going to get even more important as the student loan debacle unfolds.

And I’m sure that these students also aren’t included in the average SAT scores either. IT’s a simple way to keep┬áthe students with bad numbers from dragging down the school.


One Response to Let’s Game the Graduation Stats

  1. Faux admissions! Amazing! It will happen everywhere now, spread like the plague.

    From the article:

    “Obviously, some think it’s manipulating the numbers, but the bottom line is that those are the rules of the game and you have to learn how to play them.”