2 Responses to More “Multi-Generational Homes”

  1. The Pew report is here:

    “Previous Pew Research Center studies have shown that young adults are marrying at later ages and staying in school longer.” More birth defects, and higher student debt, right?

    And this: “This analysis does not include persons living in group quarters (including college students residing in dormitories) or young adults ages 18-24 living with their parents. However, these young adults could be classified as residing in a multi-generational household if the other members of their household qualify (some examples are if they are living with a parent along with a grandparent, a sibling age 25 or older or their own child).”

    So, just like overschooling keeps kids out of the labor market, is also keeps them from showing up in ‘millennials in the basement’ statistics.

    • Yup. I know a number who are living at home while at college. Like everything else, they’re cooking the stats.