Time for a break

I’m reaching a point in some difficult projects where I need to devote extra attention. So I’ll be posting rarely, if at all, for a while. Thanks to all of loyal readers for your comments and messages. The good news is that this is not a new topic anymore. Most of the press get the problem and there are others addressing it, some with the aggression it needs.

4 Responses to Time for a break

  1. Ouch! Double OUCH! I am highly dependent on your constant flow of reports and studies! AND of course, your stellar writing!

    Is there any way we could clone this site’s methodology for ourselves?

    I sincerely hope that all goes well for you! This site has certainly made a difference!

  2. You’re kind.

    You might want to set up your own WordPress site and solicit articles. Walter Sobchak would probably contribute. He has in the past. I don’t think it would cost anything.

    If you do, I’ll post a URL for you.